Filmmaker Resources…and more

7 06 2005

Well, let’s see here. I would like to share some of my resources. Often I find filmmakers lengthening instead of broadening their horizons. A well rounded person equals a better filmmaker, wouldn’t you agree? Has anyone read the wonderful little book on directing by Elia Kazan? Great book, read it. I believe it’s called ‘On Directing’.
Anyway, here are some links. If people find it useful, please let me know. I will eventually add them as permanent links.
Once in a while the permanent links on the right side of the page will go through changes. NYTimes Online is the first news source I go to every day. New York Public Library is my film and life school, so I include their link in gratitude. My PRX link is for you wonderful people to check out my short radio fiction pieces. They’re not the typical Old Time Radio style with a microphone and coconuts slammed together to emulate horse sounds. Asian Cinevision, or AAIFF 2005 link is there for a simple reason. They treat me like a star and thanks to their encouragement, I have started this blog in the first place. A great organization to be part of. Writers Room is a wonderful BBC site that has blessed me with their Script Smart Template for all mediums. It’s free and its US version is just amazing. A friend, Matthew Carless, designed it and it is compatible with MS Word. Why pay hundreds of dollars for script writing software when you have this easy to use gem? I wrote most of my scripts with this, and will probably never buy any other software. Unless they write a script for me and sell it to studios and decline the 10% fee while cook and clean my apartment. I’ll include a direct link to the downloads page below.
Today, I’ll add a couple of new permanent links. Box Office results site. World Press, a wonderful world news source, and Script O Rama, a site I love for its collection of film scripts for free.
Alrighty then.
Script Smart Downloads page (US Gold version)

BBC 7 –A great site for radio drama enthusiasts ( I love their comedy programs)

Folks in sound editing and design will like this site



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