How should I do this? Mission Statement–sort of.

7 06 2005

By now I should know what a blogger must do with his blog. But, here I am trying to figure out how to add content. I am too lazy to do research. I guess the whole point of blogging is to not do what others do. So, as I’m writing now ( I think best when I write as I don’t edit much when I do) I have decided to go with the flow. I, therefore, would like to outline a mission statement for my blog.

“I will write whatever I feel like writing about on a particular day. One day about writing, the next maybe about movies (surprise), or someday I’ll share my thoughts on why Ramen Noodle Soup deserves recognition for being the partner to many of us during our struggling ‘wonder’ years. I will take on all different subjects and talk a little bit about everything without coming off as a know-it-all.”

Well, that’s it. Let’s go for a ride, then, shall we? Let’s see where this road takes us all.
Reading now:
Bruce Bauman’s ‘And The Word Was’

Recently watched:
In the theaters:
Unleashed with Jet Li and Bob Hoskins
Short review: Good action sequences. Terrible story. And terrible, terrible acting by the girl who plays Morgan Freeman’s daughter. Dear Lord!

At home:
Shadows and Fog (Woody Allen)
Decent movie. Not his best. Great black and white cinematography. Tons of characters who later become well known.
Aguirre:Wrath of God (Werner Herzog)
Didn’t know what the big deal was.
The Wind Will Carry Us (Abbas Kiarostami)
Great cinematography. Beautiful location. Sadly, missed the point of the story. Anyone care to point it out?
The Ladykillers (Coen Bros.)
Typical Coen Bros. flick. Great style and cinematography. Blends comedy and dark elements quite well.

Has anyone seen Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s (no relation to Akira) CURE? Great movie! One of the best thriller’s I have seen. Is up there with Se7en. Check out the public library for a copy

Chime in with your recommendations. Would love to hear your thoughts, even if you disagree with me.




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