Introduction to The History of Pretty

9 06 2005

I know no one has asked me do a history of a movie that is not itself historic by any means, but then again, this is my blog. When I had first embarked on the production, I’d desperately searched for tips, suggestions, help, and all sorts of encouragement from elsewhere. Encouragement! Newsflash–they who are sure you’ll fail in your ambition will encourage you the most. Again, this is my opinion, as of 2:32 pm June 9th, 2005, but it has been true for the most part. I must say I was lucky to have genuine support from a lot of people, but, like I said, I got lucky. This ‘history’ will be me looking back from the first day I had the idea for PRETTY. It wasn’t known as Pretty and the process wasn’t always so either.
Usually, stories behind the making of a first film are more dramatic than the movie itself, and it has even greater dramatic value if it’s the filmmaker’s first experience working on a film set, and that his schooling in writing. producing and directing has been in books from the Public Library only. Now that’s a recipe for a probable disaster.
So, why am I doing this ‘history’? Simple: I am promoting my movie, and myself…with complete disregard towards the correct use of grammar. It won’t be a chronological account of the progression of the film, as done by Robert Rodriguez in ‘Rebel Without A Crew” (must read, folks!). I also guarantee you, it won’t be a long history either. It’s more of a look back at my experience, and, while I do the looking back, I will share my thoughts and philosophy on filmmaking and other forms of making. And yes, this being self indulgent. If you have better things to do than read this regularly, then I curse you! Just kidding. Enjoy!




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