History of PRETTY–Part 2

20 06 2005

I am baack. So, I have to convince the television department that I can shoot a movie although I have never done it. They said, “No problem. Prove it. Create a budget, shooting plan, and submit to us.” So I made up a mock budget plan, one of my early drafts of the script, shooting schedule etc. The TV center at Brooklyn College helped out a great deal here with answering my questions regarding the equipments I needed since I had to follow their rate cards to create a budget. I completed it, and took it to our then department chair Hal Himmelstein who flipped through the pages and gave me permission to use the department’s equipments. So, I am set. I’ll get a Sony VX 1000, a shotgun mic, couple of lights and I’m making the movie. This is in March of 2004, mind you. I am now getting ready for a late April or early May shoot. I have to take my MS semester into consideration. Can’t screw up school. All I have to do is call up couple of my actor friends, couple of my friends who can hold boom mics etc, shoot quickly and I’ll have a movie. Wrong! Little did I realize that I had just begun the first of a three part nightmare of making a movie…Pre-production, production, and post-production. A good reason for waiting to write this second part of the ‘history’?…As of June 14, 2005 I woke up from that nightmare and put my 25 minute movie to bed. Sent off a final copy to Asian Cinevision for the July 22nd screening. Was it worth a year of struggle and hard work? Absolutely! Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I dove into this thing with one goal in mind, make my darn movie. If it sucked, it will suck my way. I just wanted to shut up the person who kept saying, “What I really want to do is make movies.”
NEXT: Pre-production: The months before the September 30th shoot.




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