Press Conference/Don’t miss the launch party

24 06 2005

Hello peoples. ACV held a press conference the day before yesterday at the Asian Cultural Center on E 40 Street. Cool meet. Met with other filmmakers and all the nice folks from ACV and Asian Society were there as well. I wasn’t ready for my podium moment, but filmmakers were given a chance to introduce their films. Considering how I can get when more than a few pair of eyes are set on me, I think I did well. The audience laughed, and while that can be interpreted in many ways, allow me to pick the best one…they liked my presentation. Okay, enough about you, now about me.
I encourage filmmakers to attend meets like this. Why? For instance, I will be attending a couple of people’s films come festival time just because I’ve met them, liked meeting them, liked talking with them. If they hadn’t appeared, I wouldn’t have met them, liked talking to them, found out about their films, and may have ended up chosing another program. There is a silent bond that exists among filmmakers attending the same festival because they’ve all ended up on a common platform taking similar paths. First time makers and experienced makers all have stories to share. So why not take this opportunity to meet others?
Okay then. Redeem yourselves and come attend the Festival Launch party this coming Thursday, 30th, at the Prey Bar and Lounge. For details click on the AAIFF2005 link on the sidebar or just click here if you feel that lazy.
Peace out, my peoples.




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