Live Music To Die For, Right Here In The City

27 06 2005

My good friends Mike Blaxill and Debbie Andrews are performing with their band GLADSHOT this coming 29th, Wednesday. Besides being excellent musicians and songwriters, they are just the nicest people you’ll meet. I’ll let them invite y’all.
This Weds, June 29th at 2:30, GLADSHOT (Debbie Andrews, Mike Blaxill, David Ross, Tony Tino, Spencer Katzman) will perform for a “LIVE 8” free concert at Virgin Megastore at Union Square in NYC (14th St and Bway) –
It’s an all day concert for Bob Geldof’s ONE campaign to fight global poverty and AIDS. Mark Knopfler plays at 5:30, Billy Corgan at 7, Michelle Shocked at 5, we go on at 2:30 – Other bands are Heavenly States, Head Automatica, The Swedes, Outernational and Trouble Dolls – Music starts at 1 pm.
The Virgin Group is working with Bob Geldof and the Make Poverty History Campaign to help to give additional voice to the initiative to end World poverty. As part of Virgin’s effort of support, they’re working to highlight the One Campaign in the U.S. with the intention of letting everyone know how they can contribute their support and make a difference.
Some websites with more info

  1. Gladshot
  2. Virgin
  3. Campaign
  4. Live8



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