Guitar Lessons for beginners over 40

3 07 2005

No, this is not an ad for a self help book, my friends. I have decided today to change my student demog. For years I have been teaching children, youngsters, adult, and childish adults. I have been blessed with some very talented children who have bright futures even if they don’t pursue music.
Now, I am going to welcome potential students over 40, especially beginners, who have always wanted to learn to play the guitar, and love to listen to music. So why do I think this is blog worthy? I want to spread the word. I have never believed age should be a factor in learn a new anything. Not everyone wants to learn to play an instrument to perform at Madison Sqaure Garden or Carnegie Hall. Learning doesn’t have to be a drag. You are never, never too late to learn anything. Period.
I’m sure some of you will know some of your friends who have friends who have friends who wants to learn an instrument. Have them write me. Yes, I am selling my expertise. I know I am not even 30, but as a teacher I have patience that would make Mr. Holland look like Bob Knight. I’m tired of hearing music teachers not having patience to teach older students. I want to hear from you. And no, I won’t say no to students who’re just old enough to say ‘Dadda’ or ‘iPod’. I welcome anyone who is sane. I just won’t market to anyone under the age of 40.




One response

8 07 2005

This is great Emon! It’s a wonderful idea. I know I would love to learn to play the guitar, one of my favorite musical instruments. I just never had any time and unfortunately I am not sure if I’ll make time. But why an older demographic? I am in my 20’s and would love to have the opportuntity to have a patient instructor. I don’t see why you cannot market to all demographics.–>

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