My ‘Watch out and Listen Out’ series

3 07 2005

Stephen King, in his recent speech at the graduation ceremony of the U of Maine, said ‘It won’t kill you to watch one film a month that has sub-titles’. That man is great. Anyway, in this edition of my ‘Watch Out and Listen Out’ series, I will recommend a couple (we’ll see about that) of things I’ve liked a lot.
Watch Out:
A few movies that are gems and should not be missed if you believe in cinema.

  1. The Return
  2. .

  3. Karakter
  4. Insomnia (not the C. Nolan movie)
    (**Speaking of…have you seen the lesser known Nolan film ‘Following’? Oh well…Following)
  5. Star Maker
  6. A Pure Formality (w/G. Depardieu and R. Polanski)
  7. Cure (probably mentioned this one before)
  8. Tesis
  9. The Circle
  10. Girl On The Bridge

One of my favorite directors,Krzysztof Kieslowski, has made several great films. I will share that list later. Happy Watching. Remember, none of these movies are boring. I wouldn’t recommend them to you folks if they were. If you want great storytelling in cinema, then rent them. They are not paying me to say the following, but if you can’t rent them Netflix them.

System of A Down’s Mesmerize…one of the best metal albums, in my opinion. Norah Jones’s Come Away With Me…well that’s not really news. If you haven’t discovered Eva Cassidy yet…then listen to any one of her albums. You can’t miss out on a singer with that voice. In fact, check out this wonderful radio documentary on
Alrighty then, enough for now. More later.




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