Just Finished Reading

11 07 2005

Two great books on Hollywood.
Lynda Obst’s

Hello, He Lied. Basically her experience working in Hollywood trying to get projects made, learning her craft, and writing about people she’s worked with and learned from. It’s not a ‘Producing for Dummies’ type book at all. Very good read with ample suggestions and tips for budding producers only an insider can share.

I found myself inseparable from Sharon Waxman’s Rebels On The Backlot. It’s about six directors, Tarantino, Soderbergh, David O Russell, Fincher, PT Anderson, and Spike Jonze. The structure of the book is what fascinated me. Not the usual, boring, way other books write about directors and their ‘DVD Production Notes’ like stories of the movies that have made them famous. Instead, they play like characters in a big novel, struggle like them, and behave like actual humans, complete with the good and bad sides. At times I stopped and thought, “I don’t know if I admire that person anymore.” Nonetheless, it’s a great read, and unlike any other Hollywood book I’ve read so far. Yes, I have read Peter Biskind’s Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.
One slight error I hope the publishers have corrected. On page 101, Waxman writes about watching Julia Stiles in ‘Traffic’ as she goes with a friend to look for drugs. I don’t think so. But she wrote correctly watching eighteen-year-old Erika Christenssen on pg. 321. Don’t know I how that slipped by the editors.
Anyways, the links to the books will take you to a price comparison site called FetchBook.info. Great site for budget conscious book lovers.




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