12 Days of Pre-Production

6 08 2005

One the first day of pre-production my true love…Let me tell you about the most ambitious project I have sentenced myself to.
I am shooting a feature DV film (appx 80 minutes) starting August 19th thru September 1. Two weeks.

The situation here is slightly different, though. The movie, or the idea rather, will be partially scripted (means I don’t have one yet) and situation driven. Cast has not been finalized, location’s not been finalized, and definitely not the story line. You’re wondering why am I not being taken away in a straightjacket yet.

Well, here’s the thing. I want to see how far I can push myself and this idea. The concept is not new. Famously filmmakers like Godard, Wong Kar-Wai, and Michael Winterbottom have tackled similar ideas successfully. Although they’ve had ample time and resources at their disposal, at least compared to what I have now.

This project would make for a great reality show, methinks. Not really, but the behind-the-scenes story should be highly entertaining, I hope. Will I make it to the end? What will I accomplish in two weeks? How do I plan to? Will anyone show up to help out? Fact is, I don’t want to think about it.
So, why embarrass myself by announcing this project to the world? I don’t know…it may not be embarrassing after all. I guess I want to test the 24-hr filmmaking concept to the extreme. I do understand the whole thing can fall apart and make me the ‘toast’ of the town.

Each day till the shoot starts, I will make an effort to reveal a little of what I’ve accomplished to you good folks. There’re many things I have started and have never finished…like my ‘History of Pretty’ thing (Who cares about that anyway?), but I’ll try to, at least, leave a little information on the blog.

Filmmaking is constantly filled with last minute surprises. Usually, there’s heartbreak when planned events fall apart or change. But in this case, I am spared that. I have to go with what I’ve got. I can change the whole direction of the project at will, at any time, and at any cost. I will find the story during shoot and during editing.
Call it Dogme styling, Kar-Wai stealing, documentary shooting, underdog rooting, ego inflating or whatever you can come up with. What I’ve got is…two weeks, several neat ideas, and each new day to lead me the way. Enough talk…let’s start the race, shall we?
Root for me, anyone?




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