On The Second Day of Pre-Production-1

8 08 2005

Couple of things have developed today, as well as the last two days. Have made good progress with certain outdoor city locations I had in mind, and will soon get permit to film there. I thought of acquiring location first and then write around it. I’ve often looked at a nice location in the city and thought of a possible scene/story. Went location scouting this weekend. Actually it was a long walk my dear friend Shira and I took downtown, and caught some cool locations. Perfect for evening shoots. Anyway, went in the notebook.

I have been writing. Yes, finally. I think announcing to the world about my intentions made me sit down and write.
NOTE: I will never reveal the actual story, or theme I have in mind to anyone, except a couple of key people.

But I will reveal this. Three different stories, three different themes. Nothing new. Every possible combination has probably been attempted. There’s also a past, present, and future theme. Okay…so who hasn’t done that by now. But, I think I want all three to happen at the exact same time. Hmm…how? Why? Gotta suffer with that for a bit more. As I’m writing this…very…line…I think I am coming up with …a couple of ideas… as to… the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’…hmm…’February 29…what’s with this date?…interesting….(long pause)…gotta go write this down. See ya later, people.




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