On The 5th Day of Pre-Production

11 08 2005

Like a true bum didn’t get much done today. Made some contacts, made some calls, and made a nice little paper hat. Oh yeah, got spammed a lot. Crew people wanting to give me their best service for a lot of money that I don’t have. How about reading the whole notice, people?

But, I did put in a little pencil time with my notebook. They’re more like tips, suggestions, and directions for myself during shoot.

Slow day. The deadline person that I am, there’re still 8 days…a week and a day…no…make it 192 hours to go without taking out time to shower, eat, sleep, chat, commute, watch a movie…you get the picture.

Looks like I’ll have to slap my own behind, stay up late and do some real work.



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