On The 11th Day of Production—It’s a wrap!

30 08 2005

Fresh from the location, the shoot is finally over. Officially it ended 9:45 pm last night, August 29th. As usual, after a project, I’ll go through a period of depression. I’ll then pick myself up, and move on to the next project.
As of right now, I have an intense feeling of accomplishment. I’ll talk more about what actually happened in the next few days. Then, I may not.
But, let me thank the actors who’ve made it all come together, and made the process a lot easier. Their patience, commitment, and professionalism throughout filming has been nothing less than extraordinary. It’s a leap of faith with this project, and they’ve given me immense support throughout.
Final cast list as follows:

Sarah L. Stephens.

Graham Stevens.

Noelle Teagno.

Geoffrey Barnes.

Thank you, Sarah and Graham, for putting up with me and my wild project. Thank you both for allowing me to film in your apartments. And most of all, thanks for your enthusiasm and patience. Your participation meant a lot to me, and has brought life to the characters. You’ve stayed calm amidst all the craziness during filming and have given performances beyond wonderful. Thanks for accepting last minute changes almost every other hour. They were big changes, but you both showed a lot of grace.

To Noelle. Thanks for the wonderful performance of Marie. Thanks for the impromptu dinner scene set up and your support of the film. You’ve helped lift the party scene to a higher level and have given it a touch of joy.

Thank you, Geoffrey, for bringing Peter to life with a letter perfect characterization. You’ve been brilliant all throughout pre- and production!




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