‘Untitled’ Diary: Part Two

30 08 2005

Original shoot days planned: 12-13.

Equipment pick up and drop off dates: August 18th and September 1st.

Actual shoot days: 5

Shoot Start Date and Time: Thursday, 25th around 4:00 PM.

Shoot End Date and Time: Monday, 29th at 9:45 PM.

Total hours captured on tape: Approximately 11.

Total hours on location shooting: Approximately 36.

Number of crew members planned for shoot: 2…Sound and Camera.

Number of crew members eventually: Just me.

Verdict: I’m happy it was just me. Was able to plan and execute everything I’d planned on location.

Obstacles as a lonesome crew member: Not too many. I didn’t log camera or sound report. Minor inconvenience with changing tape and batteries and hooking up light and sound, but it was worth it. Took some getting used to, but was fine. Was a bitch capturing long scenes hand held.

Advantages as a lonesome crew member:Was able to monitor all aspects of shoot. Lot more freedom in moving around actors. Was great capturing long scenes. Settings were more intimate, quiet, lot less clutter and actors were able to focus a lot more. Was able to schedule shoot time and breaks with lot more flexibility. Was able to cater to changes very quickly.

Number of actors going in: Approximately 11.

Final number of actors: 4.

What happened: Everything a traditional shoot couldn’t dream of.

Verdict: Couldn’t have worked with more perfect actors for the project. There were new changes to story, character, location and actors almost every other hour. The actors took those changes in moments notice and applied them to project. Major change occured on Day 3. Lost 3 actors and a location due to unfortunate series of events. Due to the fault of none. Dropped two entire storylines and changed the course of the story. Toughest decision to make, but made it nonetheless.

First meeting with actors: Friday, 19th from noon till 7 pm, every hour.
First concrete story idea: Morning of Monday, the 22nd.

First character created: Adam.

Last character created: Marie.

First major change in filming the story: Friday, 25th around 6 PM.

Last major change in filming the story: Monday, 29th around 4 PM.

Last addition of any kind to character of story: Monday, 29th around 8 PM.




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