Foreign Exchange Cinema

28 09 2005

Here, again, goes my film list.

Takashi Miike’s

You think you’ve seen it all? You think David Lynch’s films are far out? You don’t know weird until you’ve seen Miike’s films.

Hany Abu-Assad’s

A beautifully crafted film shot on location in Jerusalem.

Ken Loach’s

A foreign film listing? Maybe not, but I’ll put it in just to make you watch it. Loach’s characters don’t live on screen. They live off and show up on film. I consider him one of the great filmmakers. This film is funny, sad, and real. There’s no acting here. Just being.

Chi-Leung law’s

Hong Kong’s answer to a little known, neglected film called THE SIXTH SENSE. SENSES is Leslie Cheung’s last film before he committed suicide. Cheung is well known for the enormous FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s

I’ve bragged about Kurosawa’s (not that Kurosawa) CURE many times before. CURE is one of my all time favorite films. (My all time fave list runs prett-y long, by the way). BRIGHT FUTURE can be paired up with GOZU, as two unusual ‘non-genre’ films, to watch back to back.

Again, all of the above can be borrowed from the New York Public Library (click on the sidebar link).




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