CUNY BA Posts My Profile On Their Site

14 11 2005

City University of New York’s Baccalaurate program, aka CUNY BA has just posted my profile on their website.


It’s really cool. Anyone who visits the site will see my handsomely-photographed- face-by-way-of-cleverly-angled-pose flash by at the bottom left corner of the page. If you click on the photograph, it takes you to my bio.

Basically, a CUNY BA program marries two programs you love and wished could co-exist to create one major. In my case, I created ‘Entertainment Marketing’ by fusing classes offered by the Economics dept. and TV/R department at Brooklyn College.

Therefore, if one wants to keep seeing two different majors legally without being accused of being a ‘ major playa'(pun intended), (s)he has to move to the state of CUNY BA. I did, and I am glad I did it.

So, who died and made me the spokesperson of CUNY BA? No one. But the idea of the program has been obviously way ahead of its time. This is Education On Demand. Students should be able to customize their education and not just accept what’s there. When life happens to you, that’s a very important option to have.

Everyone has the right to a well-rounded and diverse education, and have it in their own terms. In a perfect world, there would be a place to fulfill that.

Maybe some place nice and CUNY.


Rebroadcast of Big Apple Short Radio Drama Festival

12 11 2005

WNYE FM 91.5 is rebroadcasting Part 1 of the Big Apple Short Radio Drama Festival. You can still catch the remaining broadcasts every weekday 6:30 till 7pm on 91.5 FM

If you miss the rebroadcasts, Writers Guild of America, East is streaming them from their site at


For those of you who’re new to all of this; I’d produced and directed a series of 40+ short radio dramas for the festival. Scripts were submitted by writers worldwide through notices sent out by WGAE.

Anyway, whether you’re stuck in traffic between 6:30 and 7 pm weekdays within the Tri-State area or at home wondering what media to consume, tune in to 91.5 FM.

Here’s the broadcast listing: Weeekdays 6:30 pm

Monday, Nov. 14:

“Audition Island” by Dan Fiorella

With Ian Pfister, Kate Sandberg, Michael Adrienne O’Hagan.

“Rip Van Winkle” by Louis Phillips

With Daryl Lathon, Meghan Scibona, Jason Nunes, Candice Holdorf, Don Downie.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 4 episodes.

Tuesday, Nov. 15:

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 3 episodes.

“Early Morning Appointment” by Henry Kimmel

with David Levitt, Joycelyn O’Neill.

“Flashforward” by Shabbir Emon Hassan

with Don Downie, Candice Holdorf.

“The Best Confession” by Shabbir Emon Hassan

with Don Downie, Candice Holdorf.

Wednesday, Nov. 16:

“Two Moms” by Linda Umans

with Kate Sandberg, Michael Adrienne O’Hagan.

“Conversations with Didi Dewlap/ Auditions” by Elaine Powers

with Candice Holdorf, Sarah L. Stephens.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 3 episodes.

Thursday, Nov. 17:

“Beth and Samantha” by Jocelyn Meinhardt
with Carol Jacobanis, Jennifer Riker.
“Adam Rabonowitz” by Andy Bornstein
with Daryl Lathon, Casey Cole.
“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 3 episodes.

Friday, Nov. 18:

“Conversations with Didi Dewlap/ Evangelizard” by Elaine Powers

with Candice Holdorf, Sarah L. Stephens.

“Miss Moonlight” by Luiza Carol

with Carol Jacobanis, Chris Clemens.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 3 episodes.

Monday, Nov. 21:

“The Legend of Annie Oakley” by Louis Phillips

with Don Downie, Meghan Scibona, Jason Nunes, Candice Holdorf, Daryl Lathon.

“Conversations with Didi Dewlap/ The Hex” by Elaine Powers

with Candice Holdorf, Sarah L. Stephens.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 3 episodes.

Tuesday, Nov. 22:

“Conversations with Didi Dewlap/ Pet Psychic” by Elaine Powers

with Candice Holdorf, Sarah L. Stephens.

“Hannah Montana, Cowgirl of Big Sky Country/ Amethyst Cowboy” by Irwin Gonshak

with Ian Pfister, Kate Sandberg.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 5 episodes.

Wednesday, Nov. 23:

“Hannah Montana, Cowgirl of Big Sky Country/ Born Again Tree Hugger” by Irwin Gonshak

with Ian Pfister, Kate Sandberg.

“The Noisy Awards” by Dan Fiorella

with Ian Pfister, Kate Sandberg, Michael Adrienne O’ Hagan.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 5 episodes.

Thursday, Nov. 24:

“Time Square Revisited” by Irwin Gonshak

with Daryl Lathon, Casey D. Cole.

“Please Excuse the Interruption” by Andrew Greene

with David Levitt, Jocelyn O’Neill.

“The Best of Bob and Ray”– 3 episodes.


8 11 2005

‘I’ll be the judge of thaat!!??’, I exclaimed as I received a letter couple of months ago from the NY Festivals organizers. Holy Day O’ Connor! This is a new stage in my life. Actually sitting there, chomping on pastries and fruits, and giving programs ratings between 1 and 10?!

I’d known about the NY Festivals. They’ve been around since the 50’s, but never dreamed of being in a panel.

I’m writing today since my judging duties are over. The awards will be handed out in January. Last night was my second session. I’d done the other in October. Both were great! I got to watch programs most of you haven’t had a chance to. There were also International programs, some in English and some not, and the quality ranged from ‘What did I just watch!’ to ‘Oh yeah’. The categories ranged between drama series and music videos.

There’s no point in getting into details about the judging process, but it was a great experience for me. I met some cool people there and I understand these award selections a little better now. A lot better.

You can find more info on the NY Festivals by clicking on the title.

Editing Shooting People’s US Screenwriters Bulletin

8 11 2005

Pretty late in posting this news here, but better late than…you get it. I have recently been made Editor of the US Screenwriters Network bulletin. This is a newborn from Shooting People based in th UK. SP has surpassed 20,000 members and is rapidly finding more and more film people joining every day.

Why do they keep doing that? I’ll tell you why I did last year. I got to set up my online card, set up an account, receive daily email bulletins about NY Filmmaking events, and post my own messages on the bulletin…all for FREE. How cool is that!

Anyway, I’ve found many people I went on to work with on my projects from Shooting People. It makes things easier to look for people, projects. It makes sense that the organization would branch out into other divisions, just as they have done in the UK this past 8 years. In UK, SP has separate sections for doc makers, screenwriters, a weekly script pitch bulletin that makes it to 5,000 subscribers, and tons of festival and events info.

Why can’t we do something like that in the US? And so they did. SP has, by the way, patronage from some very well known filmmakers who participate in SP events and support and love the org’s efforts and accomplishments. Mind if I drop a couple of names here?…I didn’t think you would…Albert Maysles, Morgan Spurlock, Danny Boyle, Mike Figgis, Stuart Beattie (a great supporter of the Screenwriters bulletin), and many more.

How did I become the Editor? Very good question. It just happened. One of those fortunate events in life you have no explanation for, but you would be foolish not to embrace it. I’d seen an ad on NY Filmmakers bulletin (the first SP bulletin in US) asking for an editor who would edit/moderate the new launch. To this day I don’t know why I decided to email wonderful Jesse, editor of that bulletin, and ask about what it takes to edit a bulletin like that. Before I knew it, we were talking about the possibility of my editing the new bulletin. I met up with her a couple of times for informal interviews, exchanged email with the founders of SP in the UK…and forward to last week…the first issue of the bulletin.

What made me stand out, apparently, is my writing this blog. So, I should thank the blog and you readers (whisper: who read but never post comments)…yes, I thank you anyway. I would like to say my good looks were thought of as a possible subscription booster and , but that would just be the truth, wouldn’t it. Where’s the fun in that? Now, wait a minute there…that nose job was a gift!

Is this where the pitch enters? Yes, mon ami!

You can join Shooting People for FREEEEEEE by clicking on the title of this post. To receive both bulletins, you just hafta click on the boxes on the HOME page.