What’s ‘Shooting’ Lately??

4 12 2005

So, I have just passed the first month of editing the US Screenwriters Network bulletin. There are now over 1500 writers, directors, producers, prod. companies, agents, film lovers, and film festival people who’ve signed up to receive the daily (Mon-Fri) issues.

It’s unlike anything else I’ve done over the years. This blog was started partly because I needed a place to share with people what I’m thinking at a certain time, and to promote stuff I’ve been up to, but never have a regular crowd. The bulletin guarantees an audience.

This is probably the longest I’ve gone without posting a new entry on Emonome. I have been devoting most of my time for the bulletin. Don’t have a lot of readers participating in the bulletin posts, yet, but I’ve been getting emails about the TIP JAR section, which seems to be really popular. I end up entering the bulk of entries, each day, but it’s all worthwhile. If contents in each bulletin has helped out one person in any way, then my job is well done. Hold, let me reach my back and pat it. There, there.

It does feel incredible when your work goes out to all these people each day. I love receiving complimentary as well as angry email from folks! It tells me they take it seriously. It tells me people care. I have no doubt the Shooting People publication will go very far and will enjoy a huge success. Just a matter of time.




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