12 03 2006

A few weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to speak with Screenwriting students at NYU, courtesy of Jenny Levison. I’d met some cool people there and I’d like to introduce one of the cool, Wendy Sax. For those of you keeping tabs on the Indie film industry, she is the former Artistic Director of IFP Market as well as an accomplished producer.

Recently, Wendy has launched Moving Stories, Inc., a film and script services company in NYC. Wendy is extremely knowledgable when it comes to films and the industry and her advice and expertise will, no doubt, help all those who seek it. It was a pleasure meeting her, and I wish her all the best, because she deserves it. She is generous, patient, and supportive of filmmakers and films with potential; her track record proves it.

Check out her website by clicking on the title of this post, or clicking on the link at the sidebar.

Here’s more about Wendy, taken from her website.


As the former Artistic Director for the IFP Market, Wendy was responsible for choosing screenplays and fiction films and the supervision of non-fiction films for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 IFP Markets. Films presented during this time included Born Into Brothels (which won the 2004 Documentary Academy Award), Mad Hot Ballroom (distributed theatrically by Paramount Classics in 2005) and the screenplays Off The Black (chosen for the 2006 Sundance Film Festival), Bonneville (currently in production with Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Joan Allen), plus many others. In addition, Wendy oversaw the juried screenplay and film competitions for the prestigious IFP Filmmaker Awards.

Prior to IFP, Wendy was vice president of Production and Development at ErgoArts, Inc., a New York independent-film company, where she co-produced the Sundance award winner Songcatcher, distributed by Lion’s Gate and starring Janet McTeer and Aidan Quinn. While there she oversaw the development and production of several features and documentaries, with primary responsibilities including evaluating all projects and working with producers, writers, and directors to propel ideas to their next stage of development and/or production. Prior to ErgoArts, she worked in creative development for Barbara DeFina and Martin Scorsese, transitioning to production for The Age of Innocence, Casino and Kundun—all directed by Scorsese. She began in the film business as an assistant to an agent at ICM, moving into development as an executive for Christopher Reeve, Jane Alexander, Rob Cohen and John Badham at Warner Brothers, Viacom and Universal Pictures respectively.

During her 15 years of experience working with writers and filmmakers, she has been responsible for production and programming as well as creative decisions. This gives her a unique advantage in evaluating material and providing guidance.