Editorial Board at PRX

14 04 2006

Early February, 2006. A box arrives in the mail. I open it to find, to my surprise, a shiny statuette, better known as THE KARATE GUY. The label said Public Radio Exchange, PRX; I have been a producer/member with this fabulous organization since March, 2005. I read the accompanying letter to find out I’m the recipient of the 2005 Zeitfunk Awards for being the ‘Most Active Reviewer of 2005.’ Check out the pic of the Karate Guy’s attempt to drop kick me.

Following day, however, came the real surprise. I am offered the Editorial Board position as a reviewer. My! Growing up, if I’d ever imagined one day I’d be offered a reviewer position, anywhere, I’d have hired an exorcist. I was honored, flattered, elated, delighted, and all sorts of feelings anyone over 12 would be ashamed to admit. It’s like being a kid in King Arthur’s court…or things of that nature.

Therefore, folks, I am now an Editorial Board Member at PRX. I have officially completed my first set of reviews as PRX EB for the March-April month. Some great radio pieces, folks. You ought to check them out sometime.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone at PRX for the warm welcome. They have been generous with their time answering my questions from the time I joined PRX last year, never making me feel like just a number on their member stats. I am honored to be amongst a highly talented and experienced group of EB members/producers.