Country and Organization Profiles: A Quick Reference

15 10 2006

Check out this great section tucked within the BBC pages called Country Profiles. You’ll find information on countries as well as several organizations, such as Red Cross, IMF/WorldBack etc.

For example, I pick Bangladesh (gee, I wonder why), and want to have my friend Joe listen to the national anthem. Or let’s say Joe got all jazzed up from the anthem and wants to find out a chronology of the country, but not get it over the head with too much information. Can be done. Perhaps Joe wants to keep up with current events over there and would like a list of major media outlets, and he is merely a click or two away from all his queries.

Alrighty then, I pick G8 from a list of organizations. Pretty good, just enough information to understand what this group is about. I’ve always wanted to know why it’s G and, well, 8? The facts from the site tell me:

“The G8’s roots lie in the oil crisis and global economic recession of the early 1970s. In 1973, these challenges prompted the US to form the Library Group – an informal gathering of senior financial officials from Europe, Japan and the US. At the instigation of the French, the 1975 meeting drew in heads of government. The delegates agreed to meet annually. The six nations involved became known as the G6, and later the G7 and G8 after the respective entries of Canada (1976) and Russia (1998).”

So there you go. Enjoy.




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