Move Over Line Rider, Ultimate Flash Face is Here

31 12 2006

Line Rider was fun. But what can be more fun than constructing face sketches, realistic looking, on a drawing board from a palette of hundreds of facial features that you can simply drag and drop? Ap ap ap…don’t even try and answer that.

I’ve been playing with ULTIMATE FLASH FACE and drawing imaginary faces like there’s no tomorrow. And I can’t even draw a decent looking stick figure with a pencil on paper. What I’ve found amazing is how a slight re-positioning of a nose or eyebrows can change the look of a face.

Just to show you my ‘work,’ here are four faces I’ve constructed, with alignment flaws intact. Now don’t send me angry emails asking why I’ve put your likeness on here because I don’t know these faces. I’ve pulled them out of my…never mind that. So if you look like any one of them, it would be by pure coincidence. And if you do…then holy shit!

Note: I couldn’t find a way to save the constructed faces on my desktop from the program, so I used the ‘Grab’ application (standard with Macs) to grab a selection and save it.

Let’s see your work

I invite you to share your constructions here on my blog by replying this post or doing trackbacks from your blog. Let’s see how you face it.

faceone.jpg facetwo.jpg facethree.jpg facefour.jpg


Music To My Ears: Django Fever

29 12 2006

Backstory: Django Reinhardt hail, hail! The musical style he helped popularize was coined ‘Gypsy Jazz,’ but Reinhardt, heavily influenced by American greats, Charlie Christian, Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti, among just the guitarists, would have preferred the singular, Jazz. Since his death in 1953, the legendary guitarist’s fan base has been growing and growing. Many of us marvel at the fact that he was only able to use two of his fret hand fingers to play those licks and riffs, but to become his fan based on that would be similar to becoming a Stephen King fan based on his typing skills. You know what I mean.

Several years ago, while still at Brooklyn College, I’d listened to a Django LP. I was bored to death. What the hell was that? I was heavily listening to acoustic blues, Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Son House etc. Hadn’t yet gotten into Jazz, so I guess….anyway…I needed to wait for the Django potion. Flashforward to 1999.Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown came out. Interestingly, I had tried to but never ‘got’ his films. Not my brand of humor, I told myself. Needless to say I became a Django and Woody addict after watching the film. Since then, I’ve listened to every album recorded by Django (even the one with Duke Ellington) and watched every film made by Allen. Call me nuts, but that’s how I operate. Check out Hot Club of France’s rendition of Beyond The Sea. Simply beautiful!

Let’s cut to the fucking chase, shall we? I happened upon a little known film soon after called Django Lagacy, that featured some Django-ists, including Django’s son Babik [I believe the NY Public Library still has the VHS copies]. Couple of them stood out for, the Rosenberg Trio and Bireli Lagrene. ‘Stood out’ is not enough, ‘blew me away’ is about right. I don’t believe the Rosenberg Trio has toured the US, but Bireli has quite a following in the States. He’s experimented with other styles, gone electric and stuff, but his roots have always peeked through them. You can imagine how frustrating it was for me not be able to find concerts, albums, and interviews on these guys.

Then YouTube and Google Video changes the world. And now not only can I indulge in hours and hours of concert footage, but I can share it with you. So here are a few clips that may get you the Django fever. The American Songbook is just not covered by these musicians, it’s romanced by them.

And Guitar players…you’re welcome.

Django Reinhardt Clip:

Bireli Lagrene and Friends

Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc [Check out their great album together Made in France]

Rosenbert Trio w/ Bireli Lagrene and Christian Escoude

Rosenberg Trio w/Guests

Stumbled Upon: Breathing Earth

28 12 2006

What I’ve stumled upon with Stumble Upon


The site’s presentation “displays the CO2 emmission levels of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates – all in real time.”

Stumbled Upon: Open Source Mac

28 12 2006

What I’ve stumbled upon with Stumble Upon.



KENYA – The Documentary

27 12 2006

While I’m on the doc talk, allow me to introduce you to KENYA, a feature-length documentary by Steven Galvano.

I came to know of this film via an article he’d written about the making of Kenya, which I’d read at Ken Stone‘s, one of my favorite websites. As most of you know I’m a sucker for making-of articles and documentaries. In the article, Galvano takes us on a journey through his creative process of making the film and getting the film made (yes, yes, I think they mean different). It never is easy and you get a good sense of what a filmmaker goes through during the whole process.

I am happy to share the trailer with you here. But if you can spare a couple of minutes, try and view the trailer on HD at the website. It’s beautifully shot. Watch it, visit the site, and show your support of the film. Don’t wait.

Note: Full film will be available on the web soon. Subscribe to this blog and keep posted.

Why James Longley?

26 12 2006

I don’t know James Longley. But what he has achieved as a filmmaker makes him a hero of mine. Quite simply because he’s made an award winning film with nothing but a digital camera, a laptop, and a will to make it. ‘IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS‘ won 3 major awards in the documentary category at this year’s Sundance film festival: Best Documentary Director, Cinematography, and Editing. DCP magazine called him the One-man Pipeline, which is basically what he was on this film. Yes, I’m aware he had some help along the way, but it’s safe to say the film is mostly his handiwork.

So, watch the trailer and read the interviews and the article. Non-filmmakers will find inspiration in Longley’s achievement too. It goes to show that sometimes when the world around you is not readily available to help you in your mission, you simply have to pick yourself up, grab what you have, and just go for it. Lists of do’s and don’ts sell a lot of books. You shouldn’t buy into them. Nike may have trademarked ‘Just Do It,’ but you own it.


6-part interview with SIFF Blog

Interview with Los Angeles Journal

Interview with DV Magazine

Digital Video Editing magazine article

10,000 hits. Thank you!

22 12 2006

Thank you, readers! Especially since nearly 90% of those hits happened in the past 2 weeks. It doesn’t matter to me how you’ve stumbled upon, dugg, or found about the blog on the newsvine. You’ve maybe searched for something else, or maybe you sought Emonome out. Who cares? You came. 10,000 is a measly number to many of you. Not to me.