Blogs. Bloggers. Blogging. From Web 2.Oh No! to ‘I see dead people’ Status

5 12 2006

Everytime a good invention, idea, or method is introduced (that is actually good) you will find three kinds of receivers (individuals and organizations)…accepting, rejecting, and the ignoring kind. When blog and blogging started to make waves, just a few years ago, it wasn’t spared from the same reaction from the 3 ‘receivers’; I was in between #2 and #3.

Flashforward a few years. Receivers #1, who’d accepted blogging as a means of customizing their expressions, are thriving. Receivers #2 and #3 have become accepting by not being able to ignore them. Nowadays if you haven’t mentioned ‘blog’ at least once a day, your friends stop inviting you to hang out, your co-workers don’t smile at you ..err IM smiley faces to you (I forget it takes a lot more muscle power to crack an actual smile), your doctor asks for a blood test, and your pet blogs about your un-cool behavior.

I meant to simply link you to an article on American Journalism Review but instead dropped in my own thoughts on blogging. Typical loser behavior. But I’ll add this, blogs.bloggers. blogging is changing…that is…has almost changed the face of information sharing. Not just wiping out a few wrinkles here and there, but a complete make-over. Freedom of information is finally given free reign. I hope.

The soapbox splashes on my java and the cup runneth over.




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