Screenwriter Stories – Part 90210

7 12 2006

I love reading stories about how screenwriters get their big shot, get shot down, and shoot back up. Some are fired up,  fired out, and never regain fire.

The town will eat you alive, they say. I haven’t been, but I believe them. These days fame is not the shooting star that makes the viewer say, ” I wish.” Fame is now cheap fireworks. Just smoke. And when it pops and fizzles the viewer, “Fucking rip-off.”

No one understands, or doesn’t want to, why the cheap fireworks made it to the market. ” My neighbors kid makes better fireworks.” ” If they went to the supplier at so-and-so…” “They paid how much for these!” and the classic “I liked the book better.”

Oh yes, here’s the story about Screenwriters.




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