Line Rider 2

8 12 2006

UPDATE Dec 11, 2006: Click this link for Line Rider Tutorials and Videos.

Blog’s getting a lot of hits after my original post ‘Line Rider’. I have been seeing the snowboarder guy on every line I see around me for the past few days. Lying in bed the night before, I couldn’t help but wonder how would he ride the diagonal lines the posters on my wall had formed. Nuts!

Anyway, check out the standalone version called Line Rider beta 2. This one has an eraser tool and couple of other helpful features. I must admit I lost interest quite a bit when I had the eraser option available. By the way, who is the real author of this game?

While we’re on the subject of flash, and completely un-related to Line Rider, check out this animation created with the Flash interface. It’s brilliant work.




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17 12 2006

The real author is
fsk ! Your welcome ; )

17 12 2006


20 12 2006

Lol. This is fun.

20 12 2006


18 05 2007

nice, I got a Movie too, I hope it works… if not this website sucks balls…

18 05 2007

Looks like it doesn’t…

18 05 2007

Don’t worry, Darkwarestore, I’ll make sure your movie is on my next post. I checked it out and it’s cool. And that one won’t suck balls!

18 05 2007
Line Rider Video by Blog Guest « EMONOME

[…] Rider Video by Blog Guest 18 05 2007 Promised Darkwarestore I’d share his/her Line Rider 2 movie. Here ya go, […]

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