Blogging and Windows Vista Prediction for 2007 plus…

14 12 2006

I predict I will still be blogging away. But Gartner analysts predict the number of blogs will level out at 100 million and that 200 million people have already stopped writing their blogs. Gartner also predicts VISTA will be the last major release from Windows.

That is staggering news about maturing bloggers, but not entirely unbelievable. Sometime ago a poll found 80% of Americans believed their life’s story would make a great movie. So, it wasn’t surprising that so many people had jumped on the blog wagon.

Re: Windows Vista – Bye bye.

Read the full BBC report.


But here’s an article by Adario Strange of New York Press I’ve found very intriguing. I didn’t know a Communications Opportunity, Promotions and Enhancement (COPE) Act of 2006 had been in progress. These big ISPs are trying their best to own the Internet.

Well, the fuckers lost this round. But they’ll be back with a 2007 version. Net democracy is constantly being challenged and the conglomerates are trying to grab onto every web innovation out there to make themselves look smart. (Digg turned down $100 mill from Rupert Murdoch?) Nice! Very smart. Wikipedia announced a Digg like feature, and it seems every other news organization is either Digging or thinking of it, the same group that had once criticized Citizen Journalism. By the way, Digg didn’t invent the idea of Citizen Journalism, as a lot of folks might think. South Korea’s OhmyNews has been on the scene since 2000. I don’t know how much of their structure has changed, but writers got paid when their stories made front page.

Kudos to Craig Newmark for keeping it real. In an age where every start-up is up for grabs by Goliaths, Craigslist’s simplicity and focus confuses Wall Street.




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