Coolest Site re: Photoshop CS 3. Period.

15 12 2006

Photoshopcafe is the brainchild of Photoshop guru Colin Smith. His books and tutorials are some of the best works on Photoshop education. So Colin Smith did more than just announce the Photoshop CS 3 beta news. He created a page where you will find his review of CS3, Adobe Bridge 2 as well as free CS3 tutorials, free videos as well as free CS3 Actions. I don’t know how he did all of this in such a short time, but talk about scoring major cool points.

For Colin’s new page and a link to the CS3 beta click here.




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16 12 2006
Another Cool Site for Photoshop CS3 - Free Online Videos « EMONOME

[…] In a previous post , I’ve raved about Colin Smith’s CS3 website. Not to be outdone, and not that they’re competing, presents about 90 minutes worth of video reviews and previews about Photoshop CS3 beta. Enjoy! […]

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