Great TV Commercials by Filmmakers

16 12 2006

See if you know which of the following sells what:

1. Two guys talking in their car about how one of them uses the word ‘like’ a lot and suddenly…crash.

2. A guy wearing a Sun costume making breakfast for his kid.

3. “Hello, I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC”

Okay, the 3rd one is a no brainer. But then again, I can’t expect you to be a TV viewer either. I personally know a few people who don’t own a TV and don’t care for one. Anyway, #s 1 and 2 were for Volkswagen’s ‘Safe Happens’ and Jimmy Dean’s ‘Happy Breakfast’, respectively.

The kicker, though, is…all 3 were filmed by 1 director. None other than Phil Morrison, director of feature film Junebug.

Did you know documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is a successful commercial director? PBS viewers probably remember the Photo Booth commercial he’d directed. Filmmakers Francois Girard [The Red Violin] and Alfonso Cuaron [Y Tu Mama Tambien] have also made commercials for PBS. Ridley Scott [Gladiator, Black Hawk Down] has made, lord knows how many, but he’ll forever be known for one (see below)

Jonathan Glazer, on the other hand, is a rare one…a triple-threat, if you will [another, Tony Kaye]. His film [Birth, Sexy Beast], commercial, and music video [Radiohead, Massive Attack] works have been extraordinary. The guy knows how to tell stories with visually arresting style.

So, without further ado, here are some commercials I liked a lot. Some brilliant storytelling there. I don’t know who directed the AIDS and MTV Streaker commercial. Let me know if you do. A lot of Jonathan Glazer’s. Are there commercials you’ve found extraordinary?

Unknown – AIDS

Unknown – MTV Streaker

Ridley Scott – Apple 1984

Francois Girard – PBS Composer (Walter Boudreau)

Alfonso Cuaron – PBS Fish

Jonathan Glazer – Guinness

Jonathan Glazer – Sony Bravia

Jonathan Glazer – Levis

Jonathan Glazer – Volkswagen []

Bonus Videos:

Jonathan Glazer – Radiohead: Karma Police

Jonathan Glazer – Massive Attack: Karmacoma




One response

17 12 2006

Hi, I just found your site using the “next” button and I’ve really enjoyed the commercials you selected for this post! I’ll be checking out some of the Photoshop links I noticed below also. Thanks 🙂

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