Nice Try, Time Magazine: You don’t Fool Us with ‘You’

17 12 2006

time.jpegWhose ass are you really trying to kiss here, ‘You’ as in us folks so we subscribe to your print isssues and increase circulation so you can sell ads at a higher cost to corporations we never really liked, or ‘You’ as in Apple by putting oh-so-cleverly an iMac G5 on the cover with a ‘Tube’ top? You disgust ‘You.’

Oh, I can’t do this. iMac G5 rocks!! And you are right for openly showing your love, as you have from the beginning, for ‘i’ with ‘You,’ instead of us as ‘You’. We know how ‘i’ makes it easy for us to think out-of-the-box with a machine right out of the box.

So, how about a threesome with ‘You’ and ‘i’?



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