Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

19 12 2006

A New York Times times article suggests questions couples should ask before getting married. I am not married and am not planning to anytime soon, but these questions, obviously not easy ones to answer, would likely avoid countless hours of grief, regret, sharpening of knives or subscribing to GUN magazine. Wouldn’t you agree?

“All that matters is we have each other”. “Love is all you need.” “Just the two of us…we can make it…” Bullshit! I mean they are great if you want to avoid all the questions or if you have already and it’s not looking good. Q:#7, I’m afraid, needs re-thinking, if not now, then definitely soon, with ‘Will there be a laptop in the bedroom?’

The article has a list of 15 questions. So I ask you, dear reader, do you think additional questions need to be addressed if it’s an inter-cultural (is there such a term?), inter-racial, or inter-faith marriage? Or do these questions pretty much cover it? Perhaps add, #16: “Will you get to my Green card application within the week after our marriage?”

I kid you. I mean who gets married for just the Green card. Ridiculous! :]




One response

21 03 2007

Questions answered or not, I don’t think there is any way to avoid the countless hours of grief, regret, sharpening of knives or subscription to GUN magazine. Marriage is difficult. Either you are willing to work really hard and make it through those times, or you aren’t. I don’t think you can ever be truly “prepared” for it.

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