Dr. Phil Kicks Out Guest From Show. But Hold On A Second Here…

20 12 2006

Is the Phil-man for real!? In this video from TMZ, he watches clips from the ‘Bum Fights’ DVD series. After it’s over, he looks over at his guest, I guess the founder of the series, and tells him to leave, refusing to talk with him.

This pisses me off. You mean to tell me his producers, his who-ever-works-for-him to book guests, didn’t know who the fuck they were putting on as guest? You mean to tell me they had no idea what ‘Bum Fights’ is? Who are these producers who don’t consult him before they put something on air? Give me a fucking break. Someone please, please tell me this whole segment was some gag or some scene from Scary Movie 25 or something. I will believe all of that, but not this shit. He goes on to say he would not publicize a show like that. What!! Are we, the audience, stupid-asses or something? Do you know how much free publicity you, Doc, gave this DVD? Do you think by kicking the man out of the show, you have shamed him in front of the world and no one will buy his DVDs anymore?

And you have to check out his guest too. This guy looks badly made up with a fake bald head. I thought he was the dude who made fun of Dr. Phil on MadTV. I don’t react to stupidity on TV this way, but this was way too much. If you don’t want to publicize a despicable thing, don’t put the creator on your show in the first place.

I will stop here and get some air.




2 responses

20 12 2006

I saw this episode, and thought exactly the same thing. It was clearly a stunt on Dr. Phil’s part, and a poorly executed one at that, as it was so blatant.

20 12 2006

Stunt. Blatant. You’ve hit it on the mark. I’m glad you agree with me. Thank you!

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