Why James Longley?

26 12 2006

I don’t know James Longley. But what he has achieved as a filmmaker makes him a hero of mine. Quite simply because he’s made an award winning film with nothing but a digital camera, a laptop, and a will to make it. ‘IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS‘ won 3 major awards in the documentary category at this year’s Sundance film festival: Best Documentary Director, Cinematography, and Editing. DCP magazine called him the One-man Pipeline, which is basically what he was on this film. Yes, I’m aware he had some help along the way, but it’s safe to say the film is mostly his handiwork.

So, watch the trailer and read the interviews and the article. Non-filmmakers will find inspiration in Longley’s achievement too. It goes to show that sometimes when the world around you is not readily available to help you in your mission, you simply have to pick yourself up, grab what you have, and just go for it. Lists of do’s and don’ts sell a lot of books. You shouldn’t buy into them. Nike may have trademarked ‘Just Do It,’ but you own it.


6-part interview with SIFF Blog

Interview with Los Angeles Journal

Interview with DV Magazine

Digital Video Editing magazine article



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