Move Over Line Rider, Ultimate Flash Face is Here

31 12 2006

Line Rider was fun. But what can be more fun than constructing face sketches, realistic looking, on a drawing board from a palette of hundreds of facial features that you can simply drag and drop? Ap ap ap…don’t even try and answer that.

I’ve been playing with ULTIMATE FLASH FACE and drawing imaginary faces like there’s no tomorrow. And I can’t even draw a decent looking stick figure with a pencil on paper. What I’ve found amazing is how a slight re-positioning of a nose or eyebrows can change the look of a face.

Just to show you my ‘work,’ here are four faces I’ve constructed, with alignment flaws intact. Now don’t send me angry emails asking why I’ve put your likeness on here because I don’t know these faces. I’ve pulled them out of my…never mind that. So if you look like any one of them, it would be by pure coincidence. And if you do…then holy shit!

Note: I couldn’t find a way to save the constructed faces on my desktop from the program, so I used the ‘Grab’ application (standard with Macs) to grab a selection and save it.

Let’s see your work

I invite you to share your constructions here on my blog by replying this post or doing trackbacks from your blog. Let’s see how you face it.

faceone.jpg facetwo.jpg facethree.jpg facefour.jpg




3 responses

31 12 2006

I had never tried line rider before I read about it on here. It’s totally addictive. I don’t know if I should even look at this other one! Thanks for showing us so much cool stuff Emon and have a happy happy new year!

31 12 2006

Oh, but you must check this one out. You must have to just must!!

31 12 2006

ok, ok, i will. 🙂

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