Music To My Ears: Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens

6 01 2007

I’ve got nothing to say really, not now, at least, so will go on auto pilot and do the ‘Music…’ series. Aiight.

He is recording and singing again and that’s all that matters. I hate it when some of you fuckers bring up stuff that has nothing to do with music when his music is mentioned. Some of the greatest songwriters of today acknowledge his influence on their writing. Just try and enjoy the music, will you? That’s all I have to say — and this is from someone who began this post with “I’ve got nothing to say really…”


Wild World

Father and Son (One of my all-time favorites. It does something to me everytime I hear it. Eyes itchy and watery–if you know what I mean)

Morning Has Broken

Peace Train (should be an anthem for peace, if you ask me)


Alan Yentob interviews Yusuf Islam

VH1 (the best Behind The Music episode)




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17 01 2007
I Dreamed of Broccoli « Pinch My Salt

[…] there I was, still on the elliptical machine, listening to Yusuf Islam (still not moving very fast) and I start thinking that maybe instead of dumping tons of spices on […]

28 07 2008

Thanks so much for the VH1 Behind the Music special. Over the last few days I’ve caught up on Yusuf’s life story so far and being one of his biggest fans back in the day, I am so happy he found this spiritual path. So many of us were searching for answers back then and I’m happy he’s made a beautiful and charitable life. So happy he’s back!

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