Bling for Blogs

18 01 2007

I couldn’t come up with a better title so I rephrased the NY Times article about bling-ing your blogs with widgets and such. If you think widgets are cool features only Mac users can enjoy, you’ve not been doing your research. Check out the Opera browser, which I’d stumbled into some months ago and had fallen in lust over its cool features, namely the ability to have widgets for your PC or Mac (desktop or web) and availability of many, many skins for the browser itself. Since then Opera has upgraded to version 9.1 and has added more bells.

You’ll just have to test drive the browser to see what Opera has to offer you. Once you’ve downloaded and installed your Opera, you can create widgets out of your favorite blog or site’s RSS feeds. Now look on the sidebar of this blog. Do you see the Widgetize this blog icon? If you click on that, my blog will automatically be added as a widget on your Opera browser. It’s pretty cool!

The article mentions another site, Widgetbox, which I’ve tried out, but haven’t explored. I’ve, however used Springwidgets (Feedburner users probably know of this already), and have embedded my other blogs on my MySpace profile page. So let’s say you have several networking sites and you’d like to promote your events or blog entries, you embed your widgetized RSS feed and anyone randomly dropping by any of your sites will get to see the latest post. Creating your own with Springwidgets is very simple. You type in your RSS feed, specify size of widget and it generates codes for you to copy/paste.

So no one assumed, I hope, that Yahoo! would just sit there and let the widget craze drive by. They too have stacked up a huge widget gallery for both Mac and Windows. Have a Java supported mobile phone? Niet problem…Widsets has made widgets for you too.

You can thank me later for ruining your work hours, after hours, and all hours playing with the widgets. LOST fans might like this particular widget. Wanna impress your boss when he sees you snooping around widget sites? Tell him/her that you were looking for an update of this widget to maximize package tracking efficiency. If this bullshit works, then you’ll have a fruitful career at the company. Congrats!




One response

19 01 2007

I’ve been thinking of trying Opera for a while now but I’ve been pretty content with firefox. I’m downloading Opera now to check it out, I’ll let you know what I think.

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