Some Cool & Free and Some Cool, Not Free Stuff

2 02 2007

Let’s do away with the 4 ‘highly recommended’ items:

MOVAVI Video Suite – Do Everything With Your Captured Media. For under $60 you get a video editor/ripper/convertor and sharing suite. How awesome is that!

AUDACITY – Free Audio Recorder and Editor. Also read the Audacity tutorial.

MEDIA MAX – Upto 25GB of free online storage. More if you upgrade. Videos, photos, files etc. You can also email large files anywhere. This is where it’s all headed, folks. Instead of your local hard drives, you’ll have secure online storage space accessible from anywhere.

THUNDERBIRD – Manage your inboxes from one location. By the folks of MOZILLA.

Moving on.

CAMPFIRE – Chatting made brilliant!
DROPSHOTS – Photo and Video Sharing Service
EYEOS – Web server/desktop
GeeThree – Have iMovie? 10 free transitions here.
HAMACHI – Virtual private networking application
iKLIPZ – Videos/Pictures/Blogs: Share them all.
PICASA – Photo Editor from Google. Neat little application. (Windows only, I think)
PIX-EN-ATE – Upload and edit photos online, add effects etc. It’s neat, but for playing only. After ‘playing’ with your photos, it lets you upload them directly to your Flickr account.
YouSendIt – Another popular service to email large files.
WAVEPAD – Another free audio editor

Wanna give other blogs a try? Here’s a couple that also lets you network with other bloggers. Both hosts allow you to upload music, photo, and video for free and pose no limits. You’re not married to WordPress so fuck around.

VOX – from the Six Apart people.

MULTIPLY – from the…eh, don’t care.


Check out ScobleShow for some more cool sites.




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