Bangladeshis Rule – Pt. 2

4 02 2007

I rule too, but have no evidence to back it up and convince others. Usually the ‘others’ stop what they’re doing and make sure they point at me when they laugh. Perhaps I shouldn’t wear the Slash hat when I make my argument. Hmmm.

from AOL News: “FAIRFAX, Va. (Feb. 2) – A professor who developed an inexpensive, easy-to-make system for filtering arsenic from well water has won a $1 million engineering prize – and he plans to use most of the money to distribute the filters to needy communities around the world.” Read the rest.

I technically didn’t have a Pt.1, but this story can be considered that. Never posted about it here, but can’t not give a shout out to Tahmima Anam.  I won’t go into the whole thing about us being a third world country and being poor and all. It’s old news. These people are global citizens and that’s what we should all be about. Makes sense to me, ladies…and more ladies.




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