Recently Consumed – Pt 2.

13 02 2007

I was hatin’ more than lovin’ ‘Just Consumed’ as the series title (Part 1 here). ‘Recently’ sounds a little better…I think. I’m sure I’ll think of something better and change it again. Okie doke. ‘Recently’ slow on books, okay on movies, great on music. The little blurbs are not actual descriptions, but my reactions. Please…read on.


Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd The Big Moo edited by Seth Godin

Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd: A long answer for the word, “Oh-my-God-Yessss!”

The Big Moo edited by Seth Godin: Essays by a group of 33 writers on various topics but generally saying one thing, “It’s up to you to be remarkable.” Not the Dr. Phil type bullshit. This book is a great read and the essays are well written and organized touching on many levels. Hey, my levels were touched.


Rock SchoolRock School: Eh.

Morricone Conducts MorriconeMorricone Conducts Morricone: Didn’t do for me what I hoped it would and that is drive me to my CD collection of his work. A good concert should inspire you to go back to the albums or find out more by the artist. Why was the theme from ‘The Mission’ excluded? Kicked myself for missing the first, and perhaps the only, appearance in New York by Morricone last week at Carnegie Hall. Imagine this, I have high speed internet connection and live 4 ‘A’ train stops away from the venue. What fucking excuse do I have to have missed this? Bullshit, man.

++ It gets even better. I’ve never missed Paco De Lucia’s appearance in NYC since I first saw him live a few years ago. A week after I ‘kicked’ myself for missing Morricone I am walking past Carnegie Hall when I hear, “Is that the show we’re trying to go to?” I look to my left (if you must know, I was walking towards 8th from 6th) and there was a big poster of Paco De Lucia with a giant ‘SOLD OUT’ stamped on it. The show was on the 11th.

seance.jpgSeance (by Kiyoshi Kurosawa): I’m a huge fan, but this disappointed.

This Film Is Not Yet RatedThis Film Is Not Yet Rated: How MPAA slaps its big dick on filmmakers’ faces and won’t even take their mask off so they can look into their eyes’s (a la Smeagol).


( ) =hightlights.

The Tipping Point by The Roots The Tipping Point: The Roots (Star/Pointro, Guns Are Drawn/Web/Duck Down). *First Roots album I liked. And first Roots album I’ve listened to.

System of A Down Hypnotize: System of A Down (Hypnotize, Vicinity of Obscenity). * This album rocked but Mezmerize kicked major ass with all of its 11 songs. I kid you not.

 Matisyahu Youth: Matisyahu (KingWithout A Crown, Indestructible, Time of Your Song, Jerusalem). *Got a lot of play on my iTunes.

Patsy Cline Gold-The Ultimate Collection: Patsy Cline (Crazy, Strange) * Willie Nelson had a hit song (Crazy) in 1961!

davemason.jpg The Best of Dave Mason (Let It Go, Let It Flow, We Just Disagree) * Didn’t know who the hell he was when I picked the CD up from the library.

The Best of 1997-2004: Sevendust The Best of (Chapter One 1997-2004): Sevendust (Black, Enemy) *Unless you’re a fan, album won’t be your cupa cold, black, thick, and hard tea.

Bob Dylan Modern Times: Bob Dylan (Spirit of the Water, Workingman’s Blues #2, Nettie Moore)

ray.jpg Genius Loves Company: Ray Charles (Here We Go Again, You Don’t Know Me, Crazy Love) * I hated, hated his version of ‘Over The Rainbow.’

Era 1998-2004  Black Label Society Kings of Damnation (Era 1998-2004): Black Label Society (Bleed For Me, The Blessed Hellride) * Fan of Zakk Wylde. Dude’s versatile and Ozzy’s dark horse.

loslonely.jpg Sacred: Los Lonely Boys (My Way, Orale, My Loneliness, Home) * Garza’s playing reminds me a lot of SRV and Gary Moore. Great album!

Rough Guide To Klezmer Rough Guide To Klezmer (Meron Nign, Romanian Fantasy 1, Sumkinda Hora)

Classic Bluegrass Vol. 2 Folkways Recordings Classic Bluegrass Vol. 2 Folkways Recordings (Carolina in the Pines, Sitting On The Top of The World, I’ll Take The Blame)

2o Jukebox Irish Favorites 20 Jukebox Irish Favorites (Irish Medley) * Recording quality is very poor. I bet these songs are better sung in large groups than played on your iPod thinking about that beautiful face you saw on the A train.


I’m addicted to this Russian chocolate called ARROW. It’s a cone shaped chocolate made in three layers. It’s so fucking good. Will make regular candy from the newsstands feel like a giant spoon of sugar. I wish I had a picture for reference. Anyway, if you go to your local Russian deli or pastry shops, they just might have them. If you live around Washington Heights, there’s one store on 181st and Ft. Washington Ave., right next to Starbucks. If you live in Bayridge, Brooklyn…just look in any direction for a store.


Absolutely digging VODPOD. Love it! (see sidebar)



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