Some Short Films On My VODPOD

14 02 2007

Click here to check out some of the short films I’ve liked. The link will take you to Vod:Pod, a great video sharing site where you can search videos at the major sites from one page.

I’m glad I found ‘Five Feet High and Rising‘ one of my all-time favorite shorts. This short eventually went on to inspire the brilliant feature ‘Raising Victor Vargas‘ by the same filmmaker, Peter Sollett. Victor Rasuk, the lead, is a very busy actor. So is Judy Marte. Wonder why Sollett hasn’t made anything since then.

I loved ‘The Hire’ series by BMW Films. If you haven’t seen these shorts, directed by some big wigs, then here they are. My faves…’Powderkeg’ by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, ‘Chosen’ by Ang Lee and ‘The Follow’ by Wong Kar-Wai. If I had to pick one, it would be ‘The Follow.’

Two years ago, I had a chance to watch all the Oscar nominated short films at a NYC screening. (Attending again this year…yess) Found two from that screening (Birthday Boy and Little Terrorist). ‘Birthday‘ is my favorite. Couldn’t find WASP by Andrea Arnold. She has a new film getting great reviews. The shorts event is a special annual event and you shouldn’t miss if you like short films. Bill Plympton was in the audience in 2005. His ‘The Fan and The Flower‘ (not on my VodPod) was nominated that year.

Hope you enjoy the films. And yeah…when that fucker Cupid flies by you with his bow and arrow, kick the bitch for me.




One response

14 02 2007

Cool! I’ll check them out tomorrow. So, what’s the deal with you and cupid?

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