16 02 2007

No one does music films better than Tony Gatlif. No one. Now this guy does not film music. He films musicians, as people, who pour their hearts out in their music. How does he know where to put the camera? How is he able to capture moments by being so close to the performers without being intrusive? His ability to get non-actors to feel comfortable around the camera is a feat on its own.

Watch a few of clips on my VodPod  from Vengo and Latcho Drom just to give you an idea. There’s no way these clips, taken out of the story’s context, does justice to the films. You have to watch them as a whole. If you’re a flamenco music lover, Latcho Drom should be in your collection as well as the soundtrack. ‘Arrinconamela,’ the first selection on the VodPod list easily makes my ‘Can’t Get Enough Of’ list – you know, when a song takes over your life for a few days. I’d seen ‘DROM’ some ten years ago and still haven’t found any film matching its level of storytelling. Click on images to find them at Amazon.

Latcho Drom by Tony Gatlif Vengo by Tony Gatlif




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