Breakfast With The Arts – 2

20 02 2007

After my post about Breakfast With The Arts, I found a lot of hits and clicks coming my way. A lot of you have been searching for Karina Huber pics on your search engines. I’ve looked myself, but…sigh.

Fortunately, YouTube’s public service has made it possible for us to enjoy moving images of Huber with some minor interruptions from great musicians. You can’t just have it all, can you? It may just be me that I find her so hot, but I find her hot nonetheless. I wonder what she’d look like on…HD. Mmmm.

Click here to watch clips from some of BWTA episodes. I’ve included both parts of the Noel Gallagher interview because that segment is how I first saw Huber and ‘Breakfast’……….Huber and breakfast……..that would be nice.




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15 08 2007
emonome » Sunday Mornings With BREAKFAST WITH THE ARTS

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