How To Encode Video for YouTube with Apple’s Compressor…

12 03 2007

…and Brian Gary wrote about it on Ken Stone’s brilliant Final Cut Pro website. According to Gary, tweaking encoder settings on Compressor will prepare your videos for a better Flash conversion for YouTube. His own videos didn’t quite have the smooth quality to them, but there’s a better example of how having appropriate compression settings, before your file is ready for Yoogle uploads, can ultimately make for smooth streaming.

For example, watch this Charlie Rose episode below (w/ Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon, and, yum, Angelina Jolie). According to the program’s main page on Google, this is a low quality video and viewers can download a high quality version of this for 99 cents. Low quality! Doesn’t this ‘low’ quality look a lot better than most on Google and YouTube? Sound is a lot better too.

I looked up a clip from the same program on YouTube, and the video and sound quality are still great – to me it seems a little better than Google’s. So, to prove Gary’s point, the Charlie Rose folks are doing something right with their encoder settings before they upload them on GooTube. Hmmm…which sounds better, GooTube…or Yoogle?




One response

1 05 2008

I have made different tutorials on how to compress videos, for YouTube. Using H.264, DivX and FLV codecs. Also, you can use QT settings for Apple Compressor.

You can check them out here:

How to Make YouTube Videos Look Great

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