My Baby, Hassberry Theatre Company, Is Now On iTunes

30 03 2007

As some of you may know, I have done a few radio dramas with my Hassberry Theatre Company, some 40+, I’d say, for the 2005 Big Apple Short Radio Drama Festival on WNYE FM 91.5

All these episodes, ie plays, will be available for free if you are an iPod-er or have iTunes and no iPod (oh…things will pick up!) When you launch your iTunes and click on iTunes store, simply type Hassberry on the search box (top right). It will take you to my podcast. Click subscribe.

Or you can just click here to launch iTunes automatically to my podcast page. Ay dios mio…so easy! Last time I checked the podcast is high on popularity. Wow…you really really like me. …you bastards!!

Email me at if you can’t find the podcast or have things to tell me. Hassberry Theatre Company is also on MySpace where other theatre companies have flocked to be my friend like the young princesses at the Ed Sullivan show to see the Rutles doing the Beatles.




One response

30 03 2007

Nice! I subscribed 🙂

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