Guy Kawasaki Blog

30 04 2007

I’ve decided to add Guy Kawasaki’s blog on my new Mother Bloggers section because…I like him. I like his blog. I like his writing. I like what he has to say about business and entrepreneurship, and I like how he presents his ideas in a coherent and concise form. In case you’re wondering, I’m a long way from playing ‘Every Breath You Take’ and sending ‘ I won’t be ignored’ messages. Ay ay…creeping myself out.

Anyway, here’s a video from his blog that should be a good intro to him and his work, if you’re wondering when if the dude’s stopped building motor bikes. Shame on you.

And for you PowerPoint abusers, his post on the 10/20/30 rule is a classic and you must read it. Or every bond you break, every step you take…I’ll be Glenn Close to you.


Latest On Mein Vod:Pod – Pirates of Silicon Valley

26 04 2007

Found the full movie playing on Google Video. It’s been there for a while so I guess it’s cool with Warner Bros. I could be wrong. Got huge response from Digg resulting in 41,000+ views.

Basically, for those of you who don’t know. ‘Pirates’ is about the early days of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Noah Wyle plays Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall plays Gates.

Watch: PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY (1hr 36 mins)

Ruuude Little Pig!

24 04 2007

Saw Bill Maher joke about Alec Baldwin’s voice mail to his daughter the other night but didn’t know what this was all about until today. Just listened to it and – that’s a frustrated father! Yes, he said some terrible things but it’s his fucking kid and he is frustrated. What was he going to say, “Sweetie, let’s talk about this” like a fucking TV show?

Barring him from seeing his kid was a bit too fucking much, though. Did people really think he was going to really beat her or something? Give me a fucking break.

So here you go. Enjoy.

This Old Man

19 04 2007

This old man is my destiny

His eyes are brown with heartache and his heartbeat tired and frayed.

This old man is my realization

His life has been a series of almost’s and has-been’s and he almost was a has-been.

This old man is my crossed out T and the dotted I

A completed puzzle that he’d like to deny

A spoken word wrapped in a fucking lie

A morning cup of coffee hung out to dry

A fashion out-of-date in a fashionista’s eye

A doctor standing in front of a dead mother’s daughter-

-fighting to find words she’d loaned her life to learn to cure — misguided hope,

donating her emotions out of a jar she carries in her white… coat… pock-et

but silenced due to the consequences she cannot help but put in motion.

This old man is my harmlessness.

My charitable feelings kept on the sidelines…

…now unleashed at the buzzer,

a bit too early for regret. A bit too late for redemption.

This old man was once just my pension plan’s face.

Although one day he did wake up and felt the world was his

That day his child was born. Some decades ago.

This child today stands in front of the dead mother’s daughter wearing her stethoscope

and hides her emotions in her white….coat….pock-et.

This old man is finally an old man grown out of a young man – me.

His morning’s now let him be. His noon’s let him be. The evenings…the night

the courage,

the might,

the hours,

the powers,

the sight,

and the touch of elegance he once showed in reading his morning paper…

now limps in its own pool of thick blood.

The memory of his wife never left him be. They never let him be.

Neither grow, nor heal.

One day he hopes she can guide him to give up on life…

..much like she had. Much like he let her.


…this old man is my digression.

My first words after I’ve left the margins of the clean white page

that would’ve made me…immortal.

Only Five

17 04 2007

He was only five when his mother died.

Inches away from death she told him she had tried

To bring what she promised him as a child just born but

the world just had other plans…with her life when she had a chance

And the mystery will reveal itself on the other side.

He was only five when his mother lied

Lied about the world and that she’d tried

Leaving him alone was never in their plans

Mama and him vowed that they’d take a chance

They’d take a dance

they’d take a stance

they’d hold hands

and never lose a chance. But…

He was only five when his innocence died

while he tried to bring his mama back alive

He prayed and prayed to bring mama back alive

Promised the world to God to bring mama back alive

‘Mama’s my world, my shelter, my pride,’ but…

Mama’s just a memory now who promised she’d try

Promised him comfort whenever he would cry

not from pain, but what pain she could not hide

from his path…

of becoming a young man … a young man … a young man…

……..a young man …………………….. a young man.

He’s a young man now. Broken. Surrounded by broken lives. Broken everything.

What fucking good is he?

My Article on IssueFour of CRAM Magazine

2 04 2007

Proud to announce an article I’d originally written for this blog is now gracing the pages of the great pdf magazine CRAM. My article appears on page 29, but every page is worth the read. You can download and read the magazine for free and tell your friends all about it.

Find IssueFour of CRAM here.

Watch: Oscar 2007 winning short ‘The Danish Poet’ and the Nominated ‘Maestro’

2 04 2007

Nice! YouTube’d again. I went to the screening of the live action and animated shorts back in February. THE DANISH POET was clearly everyone’s favorite with it being cute and all. I knew it would win the Oscars (as I’d predicted). My favorite is, however, MAESTRO and I think it’s the perfect short. I’ve linked to the videos on the my Vod:Pod. If you don’t see them on the white strip at the sidebar, watch them by clicking on the links below.