No GooglePhone For You

31 05 2007

and me. Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt denies the rumors.


LiveJournal Attempts To Clean Up, Faces Protest

31 05 2007

Hundreds were denied access to their blogs after the host went on a suspension spree.

Copyright:Good. Invisible Copyright Owner:Not Good.

31 05 2007

Suppose you, as the rights holder of your work, are never found. Should it be up for grabs? Some are suggesting just that.

Guide To Psychology Blogs Pt. 3

31 05 2007

PsyBlog’s list continues.

Offline YouTube Player from Real Networks

31 05 2007

from the Scoble Show

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Feed Snap 5.31.07 (2)

31 05 2007

Yes, peoples, I do read these before I snap them to share with you. 🙂

Kottke: Link to a list of companies and the fonts they use for logos.

Engadget: D day coverage round-up.

Huffington Post: An Open Letter to ‘Project Runway’

Feed Snap 5.31.07 (1)

31 05 2007

NY Times: Chief Tech Officer at Yahoo! to leave.

NY Times: Where’s The Other Half of Your Music File?

GigaOm: With Success, A Kinder Gentler Steve Jobs

WWD: The 20-hr Work Week of the Future