Have You Had Your DivX Fix?

3 05 2007

Great player, encoder, and converter. You’ll love it. Don’t know why more people aren’t using it. Simple drag and drop conversion to DivX format. If you’re a big YouTube-r, no prob, they let you upload DivX formats as well. As a matter of fact, DivX format is becoming standard, if it already hasn’t. Available for both Mac and PC (I am on an iMac G5 -PowerPC). 🙂

Check out some of DivX’s advanced features. You can author your DivX videos with subtitles, menus, etc. This authoring option is a separate package than the DivX Pro package, but at under $40 the advanced authoring features will give your web video a cool factor. You’ll find two videos on the page that has this feature, so check them out.

Another big advantage to DiVX encoded videos is that when burned into a CD or DVD, your DVD player might be able to play it on your TV. You’ll have to check if your player is DiVX certified first. In short, DivX is way more than just a converter and player.

What’s the damage? DivX Pro is just $19.95. And if that amount gets your smile to turn a sigh, then do what I did. Write a blog post just like this and spread the word about DivX and they’ll give you a DivX Pro…free!!! Why do you suppose I’m bending over backwards here. So don’t wait. Click on the buttons and get your DivX today.

Download DivX Download DivX

If you’re a filmmaker/video producer and don’t know what Stage6 is…keep reading.




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14 05 2007
DivX Pro Account Update « EMONOME

[…] DivX Pro Account Update 14 05 2007 Hey, my peoples, forgot to mention that the the good folks at DivX have already emailed me my free Pro account. If you don’t know what I mean…read it here. […]

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