What Am I To You? and Let’s Stay Together

8 05 2007

Norah Jones’s What Am I To You?

For some reason I completely missed this song from her Feels Like Home album. And it’s on my fucking iPod! Found this version and I like it better than the other funky video thingy.

Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together

Everywhere I went since this past Saturday this song was playing somewhere, or by someone. The most recent was the dude in the subway on 42nd street at the tail-end of the A train platform (going uptown), armed with just an acoustic guitar. Some years ago, after a singer on the Apollo show rocked the place with his own rendition it made me mad not to have access to the song right away. Fucking hate it when that happens…err…used to happen.

So, I thought it would be cool to find and post another rendition of this song on YouTube that is actually done well. Lo and behold…Ms. Sherika Sherard who’s only 15 or 16. I love this version and I don’t know why! I don’t have to know…I just fucking do.




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