New on Mother Blogger: Robert Scoble

14 05 2007

Scobleizer is huge. No doubt about that. Since I switched to WordPress last year, the blog has always been on top 5 (For a time it was the millionaire Ms. Ansari’s blog that topped the chart; she went to space and blogged about it)

I admit that I’m at fault for not making him a ‘Mother Blogger’ long time ago. I mean when I saw his book with the yellow jacket gracing his blog I used to think, “Here’s another guy trying to sell a book that probably has little to do with blogging.” I know, I know…I’m an idiot for thinking that. Even idiots are going, “That’s soo stoopid!”

nakedconv.jpgAll that changed when I picked up his book, Naked Conversations (co-author Shel Israel), from the public library. No one is more a Mother Blogger than Scoble. He knows blogs like he understands blogging. And he’s been there and done it way before we were googling the word ‘blog’ to see if it was the name of a horror movie. It’s a joke, folks. I recommend this book for everyone who wishes to start his/her own blog or start one on behalf of a company.

Don’t read his blog thinking it’s a tech lover’s massage parlor. It’s more than that. Scobleizer is a culture.




3 responses

15 05 2007

I doubt I can get it at the library here. Do you think I should buy it?

15 05 2007

Yes, definitely. A lot has happened since the book came out in terms of blog culture and all. For you, however, not all information will be new as you have been actively blogging and keeping up with web news. Makes sense?

15 05 2007

Alright, off to Amazon I go.

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