DIGG Burying Stories Internally?

15 05 2007

Just read via Scobleizer about Digg’s own employees burying stories so it doesn’t make it to the homepage. If that is true, it’s pretty fucked up. I’ve had few of my stories make it to the Digg homepage, but when I started to put links to my Vod:Pod, some users (don’t know if they were Digg employees or not) threatened to bury them if I linked to my Vod:Pod. I usually don’t bother with their comments, but one time I did leave a comment telling them to go screw themselves; I used nicer words.

Here’s my opinion. Digg may have started out with a greater journalistic philosophy but it’s become a place where you direct traffic to your own site. Let’s say I got 50-100 of my friends to form a pact that pretty much ensured we’d always Digg each other’s stories – no one will admit it, but who’s to say some Digg users are not already doing that. What I don’t get is, what serves the purpose of Digg burying internally, if the case is true? And by the way, Digg didn’t invent the format of voting stories up. South Korea’s Ohmynews started it in 2000. So to pretend Digg invented citizen journalism is complete bullshit. I’m not saying Digg claims to be so but a lot of its ‘followers’ seem to believe so.

Why did I join Digg if I don’t like it? Traffic, silly! The only true citizen journalism is in blogging. Voting a NY Times story up on Digg doesn’t do anything for me. It only gets NY Times traffic, which in turn gets NY Times digital to increase their ad rates, not to mention a little something something is likely coming back to Digg from the back scratching. I am only assuming. I can do that on my blog, right?

Does anyone know why stories I’ve only Dugg on the site keep appearing with my feeds elsewhere (Facebook, Podcast Alley etc)? Know what I’m talking about?




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