Policing YouTube

15 05 2007

Turns out YouTube and big media companies spend millions to monitor pirated videos on the video sharing.  YouTube reportedly set up its own SQUAD team and several other companies have hired young web users to search these videos.

This whole bullshit reminds me of the old story where a king, centuries ago, expressed his annoyance over getting his feet dirty every time he went out for a walk (Apparently kings walked bare feet but had a fine horse carriage). He announced a reward for anyone who would come up with a solution to prevent his feet from getting dirty. One of his geniuses had a brilliant idea of hiring…er…forcing  thousands of peasants to sweep the whole kingdom. But the more they swept, the more dust filled the air. Another person had the idea to spray water all over the kingdom and then sweep, so the dirt wouldn’t be airborne. But all it did was turn the land into a Woodstock ’94. Another genius suggested the peasants sweep during night time when the dust wouldn’t be as visible to annoy the citizens and the land be gently soaked with wet cloth. Naturally, the king was  pissed!  The surplus income his kingdom had accumulated from using his peasants to farm Intel chips is gradually disappearing. The brooms are not lasting as they were promised by the traveling salesman and boiled water supply is becoming scarce. King was about to pawn his crown when a lowly peasant walked in.

King roars, “Reveal thy…um…thingy from under the rag, peasant. What have you so special that you seek to appear at present?”

The man replies, “My lord, your dirty feet will no longer as I bring you what you seek. Sorry for my English but it’s only Bangla that I speak.” He revealed what was hidden and continued, “Dust followed dust and water rode the wave. These shoes are made with me own hands and your feet are what they’ll save.”

The original version didn’t have any actually free verse in English, but you catch my drift, don’t you? The moral of the story: the YouTubes and the Viacoms need to find their shoe. You feel?



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