Making Your Web and Research Work More Efficient

16 05 2007

Web Worker Daily recommends 10 tips on how to make your web performance better. I’d add one more tip in that list and it’s regarding using web-based databases otherwise not accessible via Google, or even Google Scholar. Public libraries – I know NY Public Library does – usually have access to almost any publication electronically archived for free. If you have a library card, you too can access that archive/database from home.

For example: You’d love to read every issue of Harvard Business Review, e-archived, in full. You can always subrscribe to the magazine and drop between $99 and $149. But why on earth would you do that? Here’s the link to the databases available from home via the NYPL. If you already have a card from NYPL, all you have to do is scroll down to the link Business Source Premier EBSCO next to the red house icon (meaning you can access that from home). Then on the new page, type in your library card number, go to search options, type in Harvard Business Review, and there you have all the issues waiting for yer hungry eyes.

The magazine archive alone will give you multiple orgasms, but there are other databases to suit your specific field, like the AP Multimedia Archive or the American Indian History and Culture. You can customize search so the results will only show you articles from Scholarly Journals, Trade or Consumer magazines. When I first learned of this free access via NYPL, I was sure there was a catch. There isn’t. Bet a lot of you didn’t know your tax money is being used for this great service.

How many of you have taken advantage of your public library card, if not the NYPL card? Don’t wait, then. Here’s the link again.




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21 06 2007

Great! I need those in addition to my learning at

21 06 2007


22 06 2007

You’re welcome, Rengie!

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